in [In]:
to be enclosed or surrounded by something else
śílpa [ zilpa ]:
skill in any art or craft or work of art, ingenuity, contrivance


inZilpa is a contrived identity which carries the meaning “to be surrounded by skills in any Art or Craft” (on its own and in its various adaptive forms). A Motion Media Communications company which uses visual media to connect with potential customers through video and audio storytelling, it specializes in the seamless digital integration of various media technologies like text, motion graphics, animation, still images and audio to share stories and help the audience connect, engage, and ultimately take action.
Motion Media production is a discipline that applies graphic design principles to filmmaking and video production through use of animation and visual effects. Successfully bringing together some of the most advanced modes of communication in present times, to induce the elements of time, sound, and space when telling stories which are both Dynamic and Creative.

The art of Motion media in a nutshell, is any media form that uses technology to communicate messages through a combination of different types of visual media technologies and principles of storytelling. This is achieved by providing individual users with high levels of control and interaction, while visual aids replace words in an effort to assist in the understanding of a concept.
With advancements in technology, the motion media industry has changed dramatically over the years. Bringing with it, the need for highly advanced skillsets that are required to stay ahead of the constant evolution. Content creation, distribution and delivery are all brought under one roof at inZilpa and we pride ourselves on our ability to perform with zero latency.

Founded by Vikram.D in the year 2009, inZilpa has strived to perfect the art of Motion Media Communication by including the principles of Digital media design & Interactive experiences into Animation and Film making.
InZilpa is the story of observing, adapting and mastering the challenges arising out of the emergence and convergence of visual media technologies, spanning across the last two decades.
Our belief strongly lies in the fact, that the application of the video to your market has greater value today, than in how the video is made. So, we are not only creating video content but also focussing that video to specific business objectives. Social media, interactive video and AR / VR video are all examples of content with the core purpose of solving a specific business problem.


Ideas & Concepts

The seed, the source or the origin of the project. It contains within, the fundamental building blocks of all your business objectives that define every aspect of the final outcome.

Research & Learning

This is the deep diving expedition that helps us explore every possible mutation between the concept and the objectives. To give a definite shape and form.

Planning & Execution

Drawing the blueprint for every little step that enables the creation of every tiny detail with explicit care and attention, to ensure that the Idea / Concept comes to life.

Value Addition

That extra mile, to go above and beyond what is expected... a proactive initiative offering to make the video just a little bit more special and visually unique. A Trust Exercise.

Service Portfolio


Simplify the Complex concepts of reality. Create easily understandable explainer videos by animating your Ideas.

Live-Action Films

All realities need intimate human emotions to create fulfilling experiences. Your Stories told through Our Films

Motion Graphics

To bring forth those Animated Thoughts and Informative Facts, add some Graphic design elements with Kinetic Typography.

Visual Effects

A worthy Idea deserves an equally great Presentation. Entice your audience with captivating visual Eye-Candy.