Social Content Strategy



Online Personal Fitness training with Digital Media Video Production, Content Promotion and Visual Branding Strategy

Location: Germany / India
Client: Personal Fitness Trainer
Project: Online Training
Development: Visual Content Creation
Completed: Feb 2018

The Plot

The Rocky Balboa school of thought

A ‘SuperJock’ from germany who didn’t know how to take no for an answer, came callin' waving an Ex-Latin dance champion torphy and a whole lot of professional Personal fitness training degrees in our faces. A soul for Backpackin’ n Trail blazin’ her way across continents, her passport has more stamps than we have teeth.

Her superpowers were "High Intensity training" and “custom Diet & Nutrition plans” which she wanted to use to help the busy, the lazy and also the fast-food crazy. She set her sights on the typical software professional (the weakest link on the food chain) and was determined to pull their fat behinds out of those comfy chairs and make them sweat for 12 minutes non-stop every day.

We had our work cut out for us.

The Challenge

To Create a Video Training system that would be connected to a custom designed website and various social media platforms from where people could sign-up. To set up a video content marketing strategy on these social media platforms.


Website Content Plan for her custom "12 minute" workout programs, Automated Online Video Content Distribution System, User Account Management with subscription & dashboard control, social media community and social content marketing strategy.

  1. Content Promotion Strategy - Demo / Explainer videos & Social media campaigns
  2. Digital Media Video Production - Video Training Modules
  3. Video Content Distribution Strategy - Online Automation

Print, Social Media & Automation

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