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Small business promotion with printing Brochure Design, custom Website Design and Product Videos

Location: Bangalore
Client: Small Business Owner
Project: Online Marketing
Development: Creative Content Strategy
Completed: Phase 01 & 02 - March 2020
In Progress: Phase 03

The Plot

To craft the one RING, that rules them all…

AHah! We’re talking about “flooRing”, premium wooden flooring to be precise. This small business owner had the “lightbulb” moment to re-invent something that had a very small chance of success in his local market. He set out to create wooden flooring for a place with 4 different climatic conditions. And guess what? It worked!

Initial reports showed that people like the idea of a life on wood, if they’re convinced that it’s going to make them look cool… and also that it lasts for a long time.

“Nuff said!” We knew exactly what had to be done.

The Challenge

Educate people with visual material like printable brochures and product catalogues in the traditional marketing style. Also provide digital versions that can be downloaded from the website or social media platforms.

The Solution

Brochures and Product Catalogues in both Print and Digital formats and a classy website with product galleries and case studies of project locations. To share first hand experiences of people who have already used these products through customer testimonial videos and product videos.

  1. Digital Media Production - Product Brochures & Catalogues
  2. Visual Content Design - Product photography & Website design
  3. Video Content Marketing - Client testimonials & Case Studies

Photography, Print & Website

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