Visual Media Campaign



Retail business promotion strategy with Print, Website and Product Videos

Location: Bangalore
Client: Premium Wooden Flooring
Purpose: Online Marketing
Development: Visual Content Creation
Completed: March 2020

The Challenge

Premium Wooden Flooring as a product in a conservative market like India, has it's own set of challenges to overcome before being widely accepted. Adding to the myth of being "too expensive", the assumption that the Indian weather is not suitable for the life span of wooden floor products only adds to the problem faced by the client.


We proposed that in order to overcome the road blocks created by the myths and assumptions, the audience needs to be gently introduced to the concept of Wooden Flooring and interestingly educated on the level of customization achieved by the client. The execution is planned in 3 phases:
  1. Content Creation - Product photography
  2. Traditional Marketing - Product Brochures
  3. Video Marketing - Client testimonials & Product Videos

Photography, Print & Website

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