Video Learning



Visual media strategy for Concept Explainer & Product demo of an online math academy

Location: London / Bangalore
Client: Mathmatics Professor
Purpose: Online Math Academy
Development: Phase 01, 02 & 03
Completed: Phase 01 - January 2020
In Progress: Phase 02 (Phase 03 May 2020)

The Challenge

The Online Abacus Academy is a passion project of a mathematics professor based in Bangalore - India, supported by a managing partner based in London - England. This training is focused at the concept of solving math problems quickly through proven techniques for a global audience of kids between the age of 4 - 10 yrs.


To introduce a learning management system to disperse interactive visual course material and a custom made Virtual Abacus toolin 3 phases.
  1. Marketing Collateral - Demo / Explainer videos (completed)
  2. Content Creation - Animated video course (in progress)
  3. Backend Development - Virtual Abacus & Video LMS for distribution
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